Ian’s Travelblog Adventures 2017- Where on Earth (and beyond!) is ITA going these Days?


It’s time to get organised- if I can find the time that is!

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119He might have gone round the wall, off the reservation, into the great big beyond. Those might be some answers I’d have, if I was being the new Mr. Man character- Mr. Sarcy-pants.

Okay, I will admit the hiking might have seemed to have flown South for the Winter and needs a new GPS system to find its way home again. Not that I’ve given up on it, but time, money (LACK OF BOTH), resources (old boots etc) and work has meant putting updates off time and again, though videos have been pretty-well kept updated, it’s been a nightmare, not quite of Elm Street-proportions, but close enough!

So, I merged both Tiglet’s Travels and ITA last year, creating ‘Tigletverse Travel and Photography’, with one Facebook page (please Like!) and not much up on Pinterest recently. The Blog/Storysite badly needs updating, but I thin I may have found a better page/platform…

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Nothing interesting happened here today


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CnKlJGwXEAAg6TyWell, I think so, honest!

Anyway, School’s out and the Summer is here, so there’s a little interesting nugget for you! How do you define ‘interesting’ anyway? Depends on your perspective I suppose. And I do have a very broad perspective, even if I do say so myself.

I know there has been a lamentable and deplorable lack of updates/reviews/travels/events and other stuff (apart from IW- which has two episodes to go!) So this summer I’ll be catching up and preparing for my 6th Bloggerversary!!!

Yep- that’s right, six years I’ve been doing this, so it’s time to get organised and have a revamp, a change, something new, a bit of re-branding maybe.

I was hoping to go to Wales, but catching a cold and snivelling all over the place kicked that plan out of the stratosphere. I had googled ‘how to get over a cold in 24 hours’…

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The Mona Lisa Twins- California Dreaming


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Mona lisa twins at bw16I have to admit that when I was a Student, I never really spent much time down in the Cavern Quarter on Mathew Street, the birthplace of the Beatles and where many, many bands have played over the years.

It might be hard to believe, with all the videos I’ve made of The Mona Lisa Twins, a few other bands and Beatleweek last summer, plus all the footage that didn’t get edited or shared on Youtube or Facebook or the blog.

Last summer I did let my inner Beatlemaniac out into the street to play, as well as getting into a 60’s groove, though I know I really need to get a new record player, get Hard Day’s Night and the best of the Beachboys down from the loft and repair a few scratches, oh yes- Vinyl will come back soon!

In the meantime- this short, three track album gives…

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